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CO2 laser marking machine


CO2 laser marking machine

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CO2 laser marking machine
It has high electro-optical conversion efficiency. Because of its wavelength of 10.6um, it is especially suitable for non-metal marking. CO2 laser marking machine is divided into metal radio frequency tube laser marking and glass radio frequency tube marking.
The former is an imported product. With high power stability and maintenance-free, the latter is a domestic accessory that requires regular maintenance and update, but the price is quite cheap.
The working principle of the carbon dioxide marking machine is to use CO2 and a discharge tube for pumping to generate discharge, so that The gas generates a laser, and finally forms a laser beam, and the output acts on the marking workpiece to engrave images, characters, numbers, lines, etc.
1. Product features:
The core components of the laser CO2 series laser marking machine are imported from Europe and the United States. It uses powerful Windows-based control software. The interface is friendly, easy to learn, and compatible with AutoCAD, CorelDraw, Photoshop and other software output files. This series of marking is high-precision, high-speed, extremely stable performance, and can work continuously for a long time; adjustable and freely adjustable engraving depth, clear marking, without any consumables, energy saving and environmental protection, and can replace traditional silk screen, mimeograph, and inkjet printers.
Hardware design: user-friendly, unified design, generous overall appearance and convenient operation.
Light path design: Adopt a new light path design concept to ensure good laser light output and fine light spots.
Marking accessories: The whole machine including the core metal radio frequency tube laser is an imported product.
2. Technical parameters:
Laser power: 10W/50W/100W
Signal input: NPN/PNP/12V-Sensor
Detection signal input: encoder speed measurement
Image orientation: 0-360 degrees
Marking range: 101mm*110mm (height * width)
Optional configuration: floor stand, desktop stand, folding stand, three-dimensional stand, notebook computer, conveying device, paging device, feeding device, coil feeding device
Character type: letters, Chinese characters, icons, conformity, QR code, barcode, date, time, serial number, random number, real-time identification, arbitrary font, etc.
Character size: adjustable between 0.25mm-100mm
Character format: dot matrix and vector
Laser wavelength: 10.64nm or 10.6nm
Input power: 220VAC/10A/50-60HZ
Laser type: sealed-off RF carbon dioxide laser, class 4 laser product or fiber laser
Printing position: 0-90 degrees adjustable
3. Product application range:
It is widely used in mobile phone shell marking, fabric marking, leather marking, ceramic marking, plastic marking, aluminum brand marking, wood marking, button marking, button marking, electrical marking and other industries
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