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Gantry type large laser welding machine


Gantry type large laser welding machine

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Gantry type large laser welding machine
When using pure fiber laser, the output power can be selected between 1000-3000W, the spot can reach 0.2-2MM, the beam quality is good, the photoelectric conversion rate is more than 10 times that of the YAG laser, suitable for welding large metal workpieces, especially large batteries group. Module welding is widely used in welding applications in the battery industry.
Gantry welding platform, large XYZ axis movement, automatic increase of laser beam output height, welding software has an easy-to-use interface and easy to operate. In particular, the coaxial high-definition vision CCD system is combined with other auxiliary light source fixed focus systems. It is more convenient and quicker to duplicate the welding wire in the welding position or range of the battery pack.
1. The main components of the equipment:
Brand fiber lasers, welding heads, CCD high-resolution cameras, water coolers, large racks, large tables, industrial computers, welding systems, servo motors and various control cards
2. Benefits:
1. One machine has multiple functions. Because it is a large gantry type, the worktable is wide and the laser output is large, so metal workpieces of various sizes and specifications can be welded.
2. Laser welding has small weld seam, high precision, excellent welding technology, smooth and beautiful appearance.
3. The workbench has a large load-bearing capacity, and can undertake more kinds of metal workpiece modules of various weights, especially the welding work of heavy battery cell modules.
4. The welding wire operated by the industrial computer is convenient and quick, and the pulse width and pulse frequency can be adjusted to meet the technical requirements of various welding shapes.
5. Modular design, higher scalability can be installed according to user needs. Vision positioning system, negative energy feedback system, welding head automatic height adjustment system, welding quality inspection system, etc.
3. Scope of application:
Welding of battery pack modules, welding of large kitchen hardware, automotive parts, spacecraft parts, and other large precision metal workpieces.
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