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Fiber laser cutting machine

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Shinhop high precision laser cutting machine

Can be customized according to user needs, with marble workbench or gantry stroke mode, combined with linear motor high-precision control, to achieve high-precision laser cutting process.

1. Equipment features:


1. Marble table, combined with linear motor, has high precision, high speed, cutting performance, stability and service life are better improved.

2. Fully adopt a new comprehensive dust-proof design mode, the appearance is atmospheric, and the dust-proof effect is better.

3. Equipped with a powerful domestic cutting control system, cutting is more professional, powerful, simple to operate, stable, and easy to use.

4. Fully automatic cutting can be realized by adding loading and unloading devices.

2. The advantages of linear motors:

1. The structure is simple. Because the linear motor does not need an additional device to change the rotary motion into the linear motion, the structure of the system itself is greatly simplified, and the weight and volume are greatly reduced;

2. The positioning accuracy is high. Where linear motion is required, the linear motor can achieve direct transmission, which can eliminate various positioning errors caused by intermediate links. Therefore, the positioning accuracy is high. If microcomputer control is used, it can also greatly Improve the positioning accuracy of the entire system;

3. It has fast response speed, high sensitivity and good follow-up. The linear motor is easy to achieve its mover supported by magnetic levitation, so that the mover and the stator always maintain a certain air gap without contact, which eliminates the contact friction resistance between the stator and the mover, thus greatly improving the system Sensitivity, rapidity and follow-up;

4. It is safe and reliable to work and has a long life. The linear motor can realize contactless transmission of force, and the mechanical friction loss is almost zero, so there are few failures and maintenance-free, so the work is safe and reliable, and the life is long.

5. Easy to adjust and control. By adjusting the voltage or frequency, or replacing the secondary materials, different speeds and electromagnetic thrusts can be obtained, which is suitable for low-speed reciprocating operation.

6. Strong adaptability. The primary iron core of the linear motor can be sealed into a whole with epoxy resin, which has good anti-corrosion and moisture-proof performance, and is convenient for use in humid, dust and harmful gas environments; and can be designed into a variety of structures , To meet the needs of different situations.

7. No lateral edge effect. The lateral effect refers to the weakening of the magnetic field at the boundary caused by the lateral breaking, while the cylindrical linear motor has no lateral breaking, so the magnetic field is evenly distributed along the circumferential direction.

8. High acceleration. This is a linear motor drive, a significant advantage compared to other lead screws, timing belts and rack and pinion drives.



Laser type

Brand fiber laser

Laser power

500W/1000W/1500W/2000W/3000W (optional)

Laser wavelength

1064 nm

Cutting range

500 * 500 mm / 600 * 600 mm

Equipment size

1800 * 1300 * 1720 mm

Chiller size

780 * 470 * 890 mm

Machine accuracy


Slit width


Cooling method

Water cooling

Tracking method

Intelligent automatic height adjustment system

Energy consumption


Electricity demand

AC 220V (380V) / 50HZ / 60A




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