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Large format laser cutting machine


Large format laser cutting machine

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Large format laser cutting machine
It is especially suitable for thin plate tube laser cutting, using high-power fiber laser, the electro-optical conversion rate is more than 30%, saving a lot of consumables and electricity, and adopting imported oriented drive components and servo motors,
1. The machine body is equipped with a highly rigid machine tool installation, and adopts the standard annealing process of the high-temperature CNC furnace independently designed by SHINHOP to protect the long-term stability of the machine.
2. It is widely used for fast and high-quality cutting of metal plates, pipes, stainless steel, metal plates, electrolytic plates, brass plates, aluminum plates and other alloys, used in automobile manufacturing, mechanical equipment, electrical equipment, hotel kitchen equipment, elevator equipment, advertising, Most companies in sheet metal and other industries,
Manufacturers of large-format laser cutting equipment have completed a comprehensive upgrade of their equipment. As of February 2, 2017, as many as 18 units have been sold or ordered. The utilization rate of old users remains at about 52%. We can see that the 2016 version of the technical indicators and equipment processing effects have been trusted by many users, and its sales space and development potential.
Laser type: fiber laser
Z axis travel: 120MM
Effective cutting range: 3000 * 1500MM
Rated power: 1000W / 800W / 500W
Maximum load: 800KG
The X-axis and Y-axis strokes are respectively: 3000MM and 1500MM
Laser wavelength: 1070NM
In short, whether it is a pipe laser cutting machine or a thin layer laser cutting machine, both use a large-format laser cutting work platform. The advantages on the above are very obvious. The only disadvantage is the large area.
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