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Laser welding of batteries


Laser welding of batteries

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Laser welding of batteries

Since its inception in the early 1990s, lithium batteries have been welcomed by 3C digital, power equipment and other industries for their energy density, environmental protection, high voltage, long service life, and fast charging, etc., especially for new energy in recent years.


The development of the automobile industry provides irreplaceable contributions. As its power source, the lithium battery industry has huge market scale development potential, which is an important link in the national strategic development. According to relevant statistics, the lithium battery industry scale in the next 5-10 years It is expected to exceed 168 billion yuan. As the core component of new energy vehicle power, the quality of lithium battery is directly related to the safety and performance of the vehicle. At this stage, we have divided three equipments in the equipment for manufacturing lithium battery products, namely front-end equipment, middle The manufacturing accuracy and automation level of the equipment will affect the production efficiency and quality consistency of battery products.

The laser welding equipment and its advanced welding technology are just suitable for the current and future lithium battery production. Demand, and has been widely used.

Below, through the application of laser in the power battery industry, the laser welding process is explained, the difficulties of laser welding of aluminum alloys and the impact of welding modes on welding quality are analyzed, and the technological characteristics of prismatic power batteries and battery packs and the future development of the equipment are listed. trend.

1. Laser welding process of lithium battery
From the manufacture of lithium battery cells to battery pack assembly, welding is a very important process, because this process will directly determine the strength, conductivity, air tightness, metal fatigue and corrosion resistance of the lithium battery, which is typical Welding quality evaluation standards for batteries, and battery products that fail to meet such standards will be strictly prohibited from being sold on the market, which is a loss for the company.
Battery welding process
Judging from the actual production experience of a large number of lithium batteries, laser welding is the only one that can trust the welding processing quality requirements of such products. It is a processing equipment that other equipment cannot replace. It has the following major advantages:
1. Laser welding has high energy density, small welding deformation, and small heat-affected zone, which can effectively improve the accuracy of the parts. The welding seam is smooth and free of impurities, uniform and dense, without additional grinding work;
2. Laser welding can be precisely controlled, with a small focus spot and high-precision positioning. It is easy to realize automation with a mechanical arm, which improves welding efficiency, reduces working hours and reduces costs;
3. When laser welding thin plates or thin-diameter wires, it will not be troubled by reflow as easily as arc welding;
4. Significantly improve product quality, safety and battery consistency;


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