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Laser welding improves quality and productivity


Laser welding improves quality and productivity

Battery industry

Laser welding improves quality and productivity

Whether you have to weld ultra-thin workpieces or very thick workpieces, laser welding can replace traditional arc welding, thereby reducing costs or developing novel components.
Laser welding opens up new possibilities
With laser welding, thinner or thicker materials can be welded than any other method. In addition, you can save finishing time and save scrap costs. Laser welding can increase productivity through its speed, and due to automation, laser welding ensures a consistently low error rate.
Compared with the traditional MIG/MAG and TIG welding process,

Laser welding provides you with:
1. Shorten processing time, thereby increasing productivity
2. Less heat input and less deformation
3. Automatic welding, uniform quality
4. Control heat, even ultra-thin or very thick items can be welded.
5. Laser welding is not a solution for all types of connections, but when there are special requirements for the workpiece or productivity must be improved, laser welding may usually be the only and cheaper solution.

Laser welding can reduce costs

Laser welding can reduce welding production costs. High welding speed can increase productivity, and generally can achieve higher quality and less scrap. Laser welding reduces thermal deformation and stress, and the size of the article after welding remains practically unchanged. At the same time, you can get less spray and narrower welds, resulting in better surface quality.

Application areas of laser welding include:
Nozzle chamber, high flow, high speed
List of aluminum double-glazed windows
Plastic welding in the pharmaceutical industry
Thick plate welding and laser hybrid welding.
There are many application areas. Laser weldable materials include:
Steel for construction
Stainless steel and alloy
plastic products
Items containing magnets or temperature-sensitive components (such as electronic devices).
If you use laser welding as part of the component design from the beginning, you will get the best results.
Shinhop can help you:

1. Laser marking
2. Laser type selection (YAG, CO2, or fiber laser)
3. Metal precision welding
4. Lithium battery welding
5. Large laser cutting machine
We provide all-inclusive assistance from project design to actual trial production in the laboratory. We have all types of lasers in the industry, with power ranging from 20 W to 6,000 W. Whether you want to weld 0.05 mm or 50 mm thick objects, you need help in getting started, or help in actual production, Shinhop has the necessary laser and proprietary technology.

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